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   From a Fifth Grade Teacher
The students loved Mrs. Pratt's hand-on approach to teaching. Her presentation took the students back in time and helped them to understand what like was like, at the turn of the twentieth century. This experience helped the students to make connections between what they learn in the history books and what was going on in their area, in the past.
   From an Elementary School Principal
Our staff and students found Carolyn Splear Pratt's presentation about Growing Seasons to be interesting and informative. The up close and personal approach, including some time for touching items from the past, was highly effective. Mrs. Pratt's knowledge of the story complemented her enthusiasm for wanting to share this nostalgic look at her mother's life on a the early part of the 20th Century.
    From a Fourth Grade Teacher
The children were captivated from the first moment. They enjoyed Carolyn's presentation, as well as the many items that were discussed in the presentation. It was heavenly that those items were on display to be touched. The artifacts helped comprehension and promoted interest.
   From an Elementary School Principal
Thank you so much for visiting our school and presenting to our students. We so much appreciate your time and generous gift of knowledge.
   From a Title I Teacher
The hands on activities with the authentic prairie items really made the presentation meaningful and come alive for the children.
   From an Ag Literacy Coordinator
A Favorite Book for You to Read at Home This wonderfully detailed and historic look at agriculture in the early twentieth century provides great information about historical agriculture in today's society to students of all ages...For those of us who grew up on a farm or who have heard stories from parents and grandparents, this book is a great look into the history of farming...It is a lovely read and I would encourage anyone to take the time to read this bo
    From an Elementary School Principal and President of PTO
Thank you so much for your excellent programs today and tonight. What a wonderful learning experience you are providing for the students and parents as they learn about our history as Americans.
    From a Curator of Collection and Exhibits
It [traveling exhibit] lived up to our expectations with fantastic paintings and artifacts, which was very versatile for us to put our own content to it.  I would recommend it to other museums because of its genre of history, art in conjunction with local libraries.  The versatility of art, history, literacy, it is all there and it is a compelling story.

    From a Curator of Education
The Growing Seasons exhibit fulfills my education goals by making rural America a part of the suburban and rural society again.  Children and adults who have never been on a farm to experience what that life was like in a visual and tactical sense at the turn of the last century.  

I suggest that other museums seriously consider this exhibit because it is family oriented, educationally entertaining and an experience not to be missed.

We tied in our exhibit with the county library’s weekday pre-school reading by having the story hour at the museum, with not only Growing Seasons chapters being read, but other books of the same general subject and then the children were able to learn and play with the hands on portions we put together for the exhibit.

After seeing the exhibit, children and their parents have said the exhibit makes the book come to life, they now know how farm life a hundred years ago was more difficult than now, how hard it was to take care of the animals with milking the cows and brushing the work animals and how unique it was for a family to have a car and how big a thing that really was at the turn of the last century.

The teacher’s CD lesson outline suggestions is wonderful because you can get the children engaged and excited about the program before they visit the museum.  Having background knowledge enhances their overall experience.