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Kindred Spirits

(Barbara Milosevich and Annie Kincaid)

This talented mother-daughter duo is well-known to area music lovers.  Barbara plays the hammered dulcimer, and is a former member of the Stay Tuned String Band.  With a Bachelors Degree in Music and two Masters Degrees in Education, Barbara began her music career by teaching music in local schools, teaching piano, and performing on both piano and cello.  She began learning hammered dulcimer on her own, and then spent several summers studying and sharing music with such greats as Sam Rosetta and Randy Marchany at Augusta music camp in Elkins, West Virginia.  She currently teaches hammered and mountain dulcimer and is well known for her original arrangements.

Annie Kincaid plays fiddle, mandolin and guitar.  In addition to her work with her mother, she performs with the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra, with her husband, singer/songwriter Kevin Kincaid and with “The Hoosierbillies,” a Bob Wills style swing band based out of South Bend, Indiana.  She is a former member of the Indiana bluegrass group, Flintlock, and has performed with such greats as Steve Goodman, Frank Sinatra and David Allan Coe.  A professional musician at age 13, by 17 Annie was music librarian and record spinner at WLS radio.  Annie also teaches violin, piano, viola and beginning guitar at King Music in Bradley.

Together, Kindred Spirits plays a variety of music ranging from The Ashokan Farewell, to Celtic Reels, to the theme song for Swan Lake, to Fats Waller’s Jitterbug Waltz.

A schoolhouse can still be used for more than formal education, as shown by these photos of entertainment at an annual rhubarb festival held each May.